5 ways to never dread your workouts

5 ways to never dread your workouts

__ Hillary & Yaya

Girl, we get it. There are certain times where you just DREAD working out. You’ve had a bad day. You feel too bloated to put on leggings. You’re just feeling plain lazy. Even as trainers, we for sure have been there right with you.

We’re Hillary and Yaya, Co-Owners of Shine Studio in Redondo Beach, California. Since our opening 4 years ago, we’ve each consistently taught about 10 classes per week. Our variety of to-the-beat classes has us sweating and shining on an every-day basis, plus we are the kind that we really do the full workout with our clients each time. So, we have pretty much dialed in on ways to support our workouts and motivate ourselves to SHOW UP and get EXCITED about our classes! Each. And. Every. Time.

So how can you get to our level?! Well, we’re sharing our 5 best tricks on how to stay motivated and never dread a workout again. Like, ever.

1. Love your workout!
This may seem like a no-brainer, but really think about this one. If you’re doing a format that feels miserable in your body and you’re just doing it in hopes to get a certain result, the likelihood you’ll stick to it is slim to none. You need to seek out a format, gym, or studio that offers the type of workouts you love and that you will never get bored of! You need to LOVE the workout you’re doing, whether you love it in the moment, or you love the rush of endorphins it gives you after, you have to really want to do it! Or you’ll find every excuse in the book NOT to go.

2. Workout when you have time or whenever you have the most energy.
Don’t pay attention to trainers that say it’s best to work out in the morning or at night (or whenever the time for that matter!). The time of day doesn’t make AS much of a difference. What does make a difference is that you feel up to working out at that time, OR you simply just have a specific time of the day you can fit it in! If lunchtime is the only option, fit in a quick 30-minute workout sesh while you can. If you have the most energy in the early morning, make sure you set that alarm and get it in! Workout when it makes the MOST sense in your schedule. That way you don’t feel drained by forcing yourself to work out at a certain time. That won’t really work in your favor.

3. Don’t be afraid to modify.
Maybe you might be thinking, “How does modifying make me not dread my workout?!” Two reasons! One, you might be a beginner with a new workout you’re dying to try. There is no reason that you shouldn’t try it and modify it until you are strong enough to do the workout full-out. It will motivate you, even more, to show up so you can improve and keep you safe in the meantime! And two, modifying takes the pressure off when you have an “off” day. We all have them! If you still show up and modify a bit, it’s better than skipping your workout altogether. You will also take away the guilt of feeling like you HAVE to perform at 110% in every workout you do! That’s just no fun. Like Yaya always says, “There’s no shame in your modifying game!”

4. Make sure your nutrition is supporting your workout.
Nothing makes a workout harder or more miserable than having zero energy for it. So make sure you are eating well to support your workouts! Try to eat a pre-workout snack 30-45 minutes before. This should be something light that won’t upset your stomach, but has sufficient carbohydrates (yes, carbs are our friend!!!) to give you energy. Our go-to snack is a banana with some nut butter! Choose a light snack that is carb-dense with a little protein, and you will fuel your energy stores and get your muscles prepared for exercise. Then, post-workout, eat a balanced meal within 1 hour made up of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Think a sweet potato, grilled meat or fish, and some nuts or avocado in a side salad!

5. Grab a buddy and make a plan.
At Shine studio, we call this an “Accountabilibuddy!” A buddy that will hold you accountable for committing to your workouts. This friend, colleague, or family member can be your motivation! Schedule your workouts with them for the week, so when one of you wants to bail, the other will push you to follow through. Sometimes you need to listen to your body and rest, but a lot of the time, you just need a support system to make sure you show up. PLUS you get to look forward to seeing one of your favorite people!

Alright babe, now you have all our best-kept secrets on how to NEVER dread your workouts again! So get online, do your research, make your plan, and find the workout that gets you saying: “I’m gonna be back tomorrow.” We can’t wait to hear all about your amazing results!!

Shine on,
Hillary and Yaya