A Killer 4th of July Packing List, Whether Traveling or Sprucing Up Your Wellness Closet!

A Killer 4th of July Packing List

Load your bag with the latest and greatest health and wellness finds

Sharon Feiereisen  

Whether you’ll be spending the 4th of July soaking in an inflatable pool on your roof or whether you’re jetting off to a mansion in the Hamptons, we’ve rounded up key products to take your weekend to the next level – brownie points because everything on this list is Instagram friendly. Are you a BeRev member? Click here for discounts on products!  

APL Techloom Breeze

Hands down the most comfortable sneakers, you’ll love these bright APL kicks – available in a seemingly never-ending assortment of colors – whether you’re planning on streaming a HITT, dance cardio, or sculpting workout. 

BEACH RIOT X CARBON38 Carlie One Piece $148

Did you know that working out in water is a great way to stay active when nursing certain injuries? A number of the workout moves you’ll see on the beRevolutionarie platform can be transitioned to the water and this limited edition one-piece makes it all the more appealing. 

CARBON38 Colorblock High Rise Full-Length Leggings and 

This coordinated legging and sport bra set perfectly balances comfort, support, and sex appeal. Better yet, the set holds up well to washing and doesn’t start to smell even if you’re dripping sweat. 

Tonic CBD

These days there’s CBD everything (like…even CBD cleaning products). It can be overwhelming to try to figure out what’s worth actually using. Tonic CBD stands out from the crowd because they marry adaptogenic CBD with botanical blends for a calming effect that really comes in handy when dealing with, say, L.I.E. weekend traffic. 

La Di Da

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated, especially when working out. La Di Da is not only one of the most refreshing post-workout drinks we’ve tried, but it’s made with everyone’s favorite non-dairy milk (oat milk, of course!), hemp, and trendy ingredients like matcha and turmeric.  

Peachy Tinted Facial Sunscreen

We love this mineral sunscreen because it doesn’t have all that toxic icky stuff that has been shown to potentially cause hormone disruption. Plus, Peachy not only protects against aging and cancer-causing UVA rays and burning UVB ones, it feels great on skin. 

Chick Tweak

Our new normal requires two essentials – hand sanitizer and face mask – both of which are available at Chick Tweak.

Aila Pre-Workout

As much as we love to workout at home or on our roof, we love to go out and have fun too. No matter how hungover we get or how tired we are, however, our morning workouts are non-negotiable and Aila’s pre-workout makes it all the easier to get that AM jolt thanks to their matcha pre-workout. 

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash

Post-workout we love this refreshing superfood face wash. It will get rid of every last piece of dirt, oil, and grime so your endorphin glow can shine through. 

DuCalm Post Sweat Refresh

While working out at home saves a ton of time, it doesn’t always mean there’s time to shower post-sweat session. For those times we love these wipes from Ducalm.

RPZL Hair Extensions 

Have you always wanted to whip your hair back and forth Willow Smith-style while on the bike? Checkout RPZL