About Our Founder

Kiara Horwitz

Kiara Horwitz is a born and bred South African turned Californian who moved to New York City in 2009 to pursue a dream in Journalism and Public Relations. The long-time health & wellness Publicist and Entrepreneur founded KHPR, Inc. a boutique public relations company at just 27 years old which evolved into a multi-million dollar firm over eight years.

At the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, Kiara bootstrapped beRevolutionarie, a diverse wellness, fitness + mindfulness platform created for women by women. Kiara pivoted from her PR company, as she recognized the rapidly changing flow of the wellness & fitness industry. This forced process has provided a bigger and brighter opportunity more than ever. The energy shifted over to the experts and instructors, who bring the light, mindfulness, and movement into our homes. It was Kiara's goal to help consumers keep peace of mind in at least one aspect of their routines during a time when nothing was certain, as well as help the experts and instructors maintain their relevance, build their followings, and allow for an additional revenue stream. Kiara being the fitness-goer she is, decided to become a certified yoga instructor during these trying times as well and has now created her own workout based on a blend of mindfulness, yoga, and sculpt to the lyrical rhythm of music called 'the aura method' under the beRevolutionarie umbrella.

Kiara hopes to grow beRevolutionarie to not only be a fitness and mindfulness platform digitally but to bring a community of women around the world together in the light of wellness.