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beRevolutionarie is a digital wellness + fitness platform created for women by women to help transform minds, bodies, and souls. 
Your digital wellness + fitness platform created for women by women to help transform minds, bodies, and souls.

Your digital wellness + fitness platform

Featuring the most sought after female industry experts and trainers, beRevolutionarie is here to help transform your mind, body, and soul digitally. Under the beRevolutionarie portal, the consumer will receive exclusive workouts, nutritional information, meditation, and mindfulness coaching videos & practices. beRevolutionarie hopes to elevate awareness for the experts by encouraging movement and spreading good health, mindfulness +  love through a carefully curated platform ensured to spread a positive impact for the consumer and expert interchangeably. Perhaps this year, more than ever, women have stepped up as not just talented and driven employees, compassionate and patient mothers, sisters, daughters and friends, but have taken on new roles as teachers, mentors and counselors as the world collectively works to accommodate a COVID-19 reality no one could have imagined. Women are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 job losses.

It’s time to #beRevolutionarie


I love beRevoutionarie. I can find a workout for any kind of mood on demand. I’m often in different time zones and with twins it’s almost impossible to commit to a class at a specific time. There is also nutrition, wellness advice, and meditations all by fabulous women, which I love!
Christiane Seidel @itsmechristiane, Star of Queen's Gambit on Netflix
I have been taking all your Tabata sculpt classes on your page at @berevolutionarie and I just love them! The format is great, you get a great sweat and it goes by so fast! Thank you so much for all that you've put out there for others to enjoy!
Jacqueline Schuh
beRevolutionarie has proven to be really one of a kind. It’s wellness all in one. I feel like I get more than just fitness out of it, I get mindfulness and nutrition and all of that put together helps my mind, body, and soul. I’m with beRev as I support women-run businesses! You can hear all about it on Sup Babe podcast!
Nicole Rosé ll DJ Rosé
beRevolutionarie is perfect for my unpredictable schedule. I just log in and do a quick, fun new workout every day, whenever I have time. It's uplifted my energy throughout the week and has really helped me get super toned! I love all the different instructors' styles and techniques. Thanks for always keeping it interesting!
Josephine Imparato Horwitz

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