beRev’s PSL!

— Amber Trejo M.S., beRevolutionarie Nutritionist

It’s the season every woman has been waiting for where we sprinkle pumpkin spice on literally everything! Pumpkin season is here and we will see all things pumpkin spice but most notably, the pumpkin spice latte will be sold at coffee shops everywhere. The pumpkin spice latte seems to become a daily staple at this time but it’s loaded with chemicals and added sugar which really can impact our health and weight. Try this better for you alternative that is just as delicious, more nutritious without the added sugar and extra calories that will make the weight creep on this season. 

If you know me, you know I love my coffee. Coffee has been observed to have positive effects on our health when consuming 1-3 cups a day. Some of those benefits include coffee’s protective effects against parkinson’s disease, alzheihmers and dementia. Coffee can help boost your energy and temporarily increase your metabolic rate for a short period of time which can help aid in weight loss. 

The other MVP in this recipe is the pumpkin of course! Pumpkin is loaded with various nutrients; potassium, iron, folate are just to name a few. Pumpkin is rich in antioxidant beta carotene which our body converts to vitamin A and also contains the two compounds called lutein and zeaxanthin. These three nutrients support eye health by helping decrease the risk of age related macular degeneration and blindness. Interestingly, beta carotene has been observed to be protective against certain cancers, which is a great reason to include pumpkin into your diet this season. Pumpkin can help support our immune systems thanks to the rich contents of vitamin C and vitamin E! So this latte not only satisfies that pumpkin spice craving but can help keep your body prepared to fight off the cold and flu (and covid-19) this season. 

What you need:

  • A single shot of espresso
  • 1.5 oz of canned pumpkin puree
  • 1 tsp Pumpkin spice blend + ½ tsp cinnamon 
  • ¾  Cup almond milk
  • 1 Tbsp Maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

What to do:

  • Make your espresso and set aside in a mug
  • In a saucepan on low-medium heat, add all ingredients except the espresso
  • While the mixture heats up, briskly whisk the ingredients until it begins to froth or foam
  • Once you have achieved a desired froth of the mixture and it is hot (careful not to boil it, otherwise it will burn the milk), remove from the stove top and pour into the cup with the espresso

Like it iced?

  • Combine all the ingredients except espresso in a blender  on high until  smooth
  • Pour espresso in a glass over ice then add the mix from the blender