How To Create The Ultimate (free!) Home Gym

“Yes, even you with your teeny tiny studio apartment”Sharon Feiereisen

It can be hard to muster up the motivation for a workout in the best of situations, let alone when in a cramped studio apartment. In most cases, setting yourself up for success is the difference between a day filled with gloriously happy endorphins, and one filled with stress and regret – and when it comes to working out, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

Find a space in your home that’s dedicated to your workout

Just like your body intuitively knows that your bed is for sleep, you can train your mind to think of a specific area as being for fitness. Pick a spot in your home and dedicate it specifically to your workout. It doesn’t mean that you need to keep a mat there all day, it just means that besides walking across that space, you don’t use it for anything besides working out. It could be as small as the sliver of space between your TV and your coffee table. “This will promote consistency and will create good energy that your mind and body will use when you work out there,” says fitness expert and founding beRevolutionarie trainer Bryna Carracino.

Tap into virtual support

Don’t dismiss finding virtual support via social media or virtual platforms. Filming short videos for TikTok, Instagram, or even your family or friends Watsapp group can be an amazing motivator and an important part of creating an effective gym setting at home.

“Whether you’re a newer athlete or a seasoned one we all need motivation and inspiration from others, so it’s important to also find a digital platform that will keep you inspired,” says Carracino. “What drew me to BeRevolutionarie, specifically, is that it balances mental training, strength training, restorative, and cardio.”

Make an effort when it comes to fitness-wear

This is as much about fashion as it is function. It’s no secret that when we look better, we feel and perform better – whether or not all of our Instagram followers can see it. Beyond that, clothing that has been designed specifically for working out will allow you to move with added ease and absorb sweat, which is especially key if you’re in a small home space.

“There’s a term ‘enclothed cognition’ that essentially means the clothing we wear has a strong influence on our psychological process,” says Carracino. “When we feel good in our gear that reflects in the energy we put into that very specific experience.”

Gather home equipment

We love Bala Bangles too, but you have to be living under a rock not to know that pretty much everything from wrist weights to dumbbells is backordered for weeks, if not months. While bells and whistles are nice – you don’t actually need them. In fact, if you have a small apartment they might be more of an annoyance than anything else. No matter your reason for not having traditional workout equipment, Carracino outlines her favorite dupes below. We suggest gathering them and putting them near your dedicated workout space so minimal effort is required when you’re ready to work out.

Instead of gliders: use wash clothes, hand towels, square oven mitts, small paper or plastic plates – even cloth diapers!
Instead of dumbbells and kettlebells: use gallon water bottles, clothing detergent, or fill pillow cases with canned foods. Animal food bags work well too and you can make handles with heavy duty tape. A backpack or gym bag filled with books also works.
Instead of a mat: use an area rug or children’s playroom flooring. A towel will work too (you can layer a few for floor sculpting workouts).
Instead of ankle/arm weights: wrap long bags of beans or rice with tape.
Instead of a booty band: use a compression item and tie it into a loop.
Instead of a jump rope: you can twist up a top sheet and use it as a jump rope or tie up a bunch of old tanks tops and make a rope with them.
Instead of a med ball: stuff some throw blankets into a pillow case, seal tight, and slam away!