Kiara Horwitz

Ron-Ron Cani

Kiara Horwitz is a born and bred South African turned Californian who moved to New York City in 2009 to pursue a dream in Journalism and Public Relations. The long-time health & wellness Publicist and Entrepreneur who founded KHPR, Inc. a boutique public relations company at just 27 years old created beRevolutionarie. At the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, beRevolutionarie …

Kaseedee Pilarz


Kaseedee is a NYC based Pilates instructor, personal trainer and nutrition expert who works with each of her clients on a fitness plan that is uniquely tailored to fit their personal goals whether they are to simply tone up, increase mobility and flexibility, reduce pain or undergo a complete body transformation. After many years of working in the fitness industry, …

Paige Garrett


Paige is a certified holistic health coach, having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2019. Through her studies and continued work in what she calls “lifestyle medicine,” Paige aims to help people understand their own bodies, make connections between all areas of their lives, debunk diet culture, find and eliminate any roadblocks, and lean into the foods, activities, …

Maggie Langeness


I am Maggie! I found my passion for yoga when I needed to slow my life down and find a healthier lifestyle. In 2015 I left the party lifestyle of LA to move to Mexico where I completed my first RYT, here I got to live and breathe yoga. In 2016 I moved to New Zealand where I taught spin, …

Bridget Shanley


Bridget grew up in Fairfield, CT and has been a multi-passionate since a young age. In addition to her fitness adventures, Bridget is an attorney and works full-time in finance – she graduated from Lehigh University in 2012 and Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2015. Shortly after moving to NYC in 2015 to start her legal career, Bridget got certified …

Adriane Levy


A curious explorer, strongly believing that the journey with all its turns is just as important where we are going. A teacher is also always a student, we are all here to learn from one another to reach our highest potential. Life is about accepting change, embracing and letting go, finding the balance between stillness and movement. On the mat …

Samantha Ruskin


Samantha is a NYC based group fitness instructor at Everybodyfights and just graduated from Baruch with her MBA in Spring 2020. 2 years ago she quit her full time job in tech sales, committed to obtaining her masters degree and starting her fitness career. She enjoys trying different fitness classes and restaurants around the city.

Alex Wolk


Yoga has been a constant part of Alex’s life for more than fifteen years. She turned to her mat to help navigate college, a modeling career, living in China (twice), moving to NYC nine years ago and a career in public relations, among many other life changes. As she continued to develop a more consistent practice, tuning inwards and creating …

Haley Steinhauser


Haley was born and raised in NYC and started her yoga practice when she was 14 years old. In 2011, Haley received her 200-teacher training from Pure Yoga under Kay Kay Clivio and Yogi Charu at age 16. At the time, she was one of the youngest teachers in the US and have been teaching since. Haley received my B.A …

Denita Banks


Denita is a former restaurant manger that decided get in charge of her own health in 2013 and ended up losing over 100lbs. Once she learned how important it was to exercise in ways that made her feel good, she decided to help others learn to do the same. She started teaching indoor cycling in 2016 and never looked back. …