Our Founder, Kiara Horwitz on Sup, Babe? Podcast!

Sup, Babe? is a movement to educate women with news and information they need to survive and thrive while sparing them from the depressing grind of pandemic or political news. Produced and created by Nicole Rosé, a prominent New York DJ, Entrepreneur, and Influencer.

Airing every Monday and Wednesday at 7 am, Sup, Babe? features chats with an array of incredible expert-level co-hosts to deliver life hacks, pro tips, trend alerts, and PSA’s. Every Monday, Nicole brings on a guest co-host to chat about their area of expertise and personal toolkit for living their best life in a Pro Tip segment, covering topics like cultivating a killer rest ethic, growing your intuition, unlocking genius-level creativity, thriving in male-dominated industries and more.

This past Monday, Nicole interviewed our founder, Kiara Horwitz where the duo talked about the future of fitness and finding your flow at home. Kiara also shared how beRevolutionarie came to life and why we are on a mission to bring health, wellness, mindfulness, and fitness to the forefront for women by women.

Pop on Monday’s episode to hear how you can motivate yourself and find your flow at-home with beRev 🙌🏼

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